Way or Pay

Picture of a girl holding a bathroom weighing scale

What is Way or Pay

You already know how to lose weight. What you are missing is constant motivation that will get you to your ideal weight and keep you there forever.

WayorPay is a method (or a way) that motivates you to lose weight and keep it off forever. Use any exercise or diet that you and your doctor want and WayorPay will keep you on course.

The basics of the method are:

  • find a small group of people (3 – 5) that would like to lose weight
  • everyone sets their own weekly weight loss goal and ideal weight
  • agree an amount to paid on not reaching the weekly goal
  • weigh in every Sunday morning
  • pay if you didn’t lose the weekly goal since last Sunday
  • If you met your goal receive money from others have not
  • If you are under your ideal weight you don’t have to pay

Weather you succeed or fail this week you still have to lose the weekly goal for next week or else you pay.