How to Choose your Group

Choose a group of between 3-5 people that want to lose weight. Co workers, family or friends, anybody who has a goal of getting their weight under control and maintaining it.

How to communicate

Use some form of group messaging preferably something everybody is on already.

What if somebody wants to leave

You should let them go any day they want and wish them well. Some people when faced by the reality of what they have to do to succeed using WayOrPay will decide it is not for them. Its hard to give up the old lifestyle.

If you want to help your friends, gently try to convince them if you can but, in the end let them go.

Trusting your group members

The system is found on people correctly reporting their weight. Will some group members misreport their weight? Perhaps they might but very seldom.

Generally people are reluctant to take advantage of their friends and after a few weeks your weight is pretty obvious.