Why this works

Everybody knows how to lose weight but most can’t stay focused.
If you depend on willpower your subconscious brain will overwhelm you with excuses. There are a million reasons not to do exercise and diet.

Constant feedback

This system motivates you every day because you know:

  • you have to admit publicly that you did not meet your goal
  • you have to give your friends money
  • Sunday morning is not far away
  • Your friends are trying to be better than you

WayOrPay will be on your mind every morning when you weigh yourself, especially on Sunday morning.

Force of Habit

Your weigh in is every Sunday morning, you post your weight and the payments made that day. This makes the competition sharp, regular and a habit the forces long term behavior change.

After a while its just part of your life as well the behavior that keeps your weight under control.

Everything is balanced

If there is one person who is losing weight consistently they take a lot of money off those who are not. This provides motivation to the other members in the group to change their behavior.

Eventually everybody slips and has a weigh in where they have to pay and then its pay back for the other members.

Money will bounce around between people from week to week but you are all losing weight over time until you reach your goal.

Money you might lose

If you lose some money in Way and Pay but you manage to bring down your weight to a healthy level that is good value.

Not being at a healthy weight will cost you a lot more than money.

WayOrPay is not gambling or a way of making money, but it uses the attachment we have to money to motivate us.