When to pay

The pay part of this system is what makes it effective. Its a sharp reminder that you have not done what you have set out to do.

The general rule is anybody that does not meet their weekly goal has to pay those that have been successful. Its only when some meet their goals and others don’t there is a payment required.


To explain by example. If you have four in a group and the group had agreed set the amount to pay as ten dollars.

  • If only one of the group has not lost their weekly goal then they have to pay the other three ten dollars each. That’s a pay out of thirty dollars.
  • If one person met their goal and the other three did not. The successful person would get paid thirty dollars.
  • You don’t pay if you gain weight but are still under your ideal weight
  • If everyone meet their goals nobody would pay
  • If everyone did not meet their goals nobody would pay

How to pay

Be quick to pay the member of your group on Sunday morning. Postal order and banks are too slow immediate feedback is what we are after. Use a mobile based app to text the money.

How much

Make it an amount that will bother you when you lose it. Ten cent is not going to motivate anybody. 10 dollars begins to make a difference as if you have 3 other members in the the group that’s 30 dollars you have to pay.

If you and your friends are wealthy then set the amount at a 100 dollars. The thought of paying 300 dollars will make you think twice before eating too much on a Saturday night.

Don’t fool yourself pick an amount that matters to you.

Someone needs a week off

You can’t take a week off because your body and the group doesn’t . All you can do is delay the weigh in.

If you can’t get to a weighing scale then you can carry over until the next Sunday. You will then either lose double the weekly weight goal or pay double the amount in the next weight in.
Nobody has to pay you on the Sundays were you don’t weigh in. Because of this its in your interest not to miss a weight in.

Make Sunday morning weigh in a habit. Remember this is a way of life now.